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  About us  
   Jiang Su Baojun Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. is located in southern Jiangsu. It is in the Yangtze Delta, the west part of the Jintan Economic Development Zone Industrial Park. It is also west to Maoshan and Nanjing Lukou airport , south to the Tao Lake, east to Shanghai International Airport,  and north to Zhenjiang city. The surface and air transportation is very convenient there. Jintan is a beautiful city with high mountains and clear rivers, which is the home of a famous Chinese mathematician Hua Luogeng.
   Jiang Su Baojun Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of photovoltaic components of the packaging materials --- EVA film. We provide first class products and excellent service for the PV module manufacturers. Baojun Photoelectric Materials Co. Ltd possesses advanced technology production line. The quality of our products is stable and our comprehensive performance indicators have reached domestic leading level. Products of our company are all in strict accordance with ISO9000 standard system to implement the production.
   Scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, high-level talent is the core competitiveness of the Baojun photoelectric materials Co., Ltd. Baojun¡¯s endless passion for innovation, strong research and development team and its cooperation in the field of photovoltaic technology company make Baojun¡¯s products remain to be leader of this industry and make Baojun has the ability to lead the future direction of development of photovoltaic packaging materials.
   Quality is the life of every enterprise. Baojun pays much attention to every detail of production and service. It  provides full satisfaction for manufacturers of photovoltaic components with first-class products and services.
   In each employee¡¯s efforts, Baojun contributes to the development of new green energy. Jiang Su Baojun Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. will better in the future.
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